Help make my Money disappear and end Epilepsy

Tonight I am writing this post in hope of interrupting your normal flow of checking out Groupons, checking the latest on #TigerBlood #Winning and reading LOLCat emails from your mother (Actually mom, please send me some more) to ask you a huge favor.

Please help get rid of my money.

This week, I am matching any donation to NYU faces (Finding a Cure for Epilepsy and Seizures),, dollar for dollar. NYU faces is a foundation that works to improve the quality of life for all those affected by epilepsy through clinical care, education, and research. I have been involved with this organization for three years now and beyond the personal care and hope they have given my family, I have been witness to their continuous effort to spearhead cutting edge research and provide truly life giving care.

NYU faces is a very important cause to me and my family. Every parent knows the feeling of powerlessness when they hold their sick child. That feeling deepens when your child has a chronic condition. I am blessed, my family exposure to epilepsy has so far been very controllable. Others are not as lucky. Many are desperate for any hope that the lives of their children will get better. Please help the great doctors, researchers and amazing staff of NYU faces give these parents and so many others hope for a better future without epilepsy and seizure disorders.

So please go to and help as much as you can and don’t worry if you can’t, just, please share along, someone else may.

Really, please make me give my money away.